Basic FAQ for

Basics you should know BEFORE playing diablo 2 on the realms:

  • Each account you make should be played for 2 hours within the opening 48 hours of creation, to prevent blizzard from deleting your accounts
  • Each newly created player per account also has to be 'burned in' for those 2 hours, to prevent player not found issues later down the line

    The official AGD2 channels are as follows:

  • USwest : Public Chat Agd2-uswest
  • USeast : Agd2
  • Europe : Public Chat Agd2


    What is Maphack?
    Maphack is a 3rd party 'add on' that makes the game easier. It has some features that many people like. But as it is a 'hack' it is also a bannable offense. Maphack itself lets you see the entire map, and shrines, amongst a few other things is the official website, ONLY download from this site.


    What are hacks?

    Hacks are 3rd party software which changes the game data to the advantage of the user. They are frowned on by most.


    What are Iths?

    Ith is the name of a Rune that adds + 9 max damage, but sadly it is also the name of a hacked item which initially had a powerful runeword inside it. Most ith's are overpowered and make the game too easy.


    What is a runeword?

    A runeword is a collection of runes, that when placed in the right order give special bonuses.
    see the links for more details


    What are unique items?

    Unique's are special 'Gold' lettered items. Please follow the links at the bottom for more details.


    What are set items?

    Set items are 'green' lettered items, that when completed give extra bonuses. Again, check the links found below.


    What is a class specific item?

    Class specific items are items which can only be used by a certain class. Check links found below.


    What is rushing?

    Rushing is a term used for a player inside the diablo 2 mainframe that gets their character to an advanced position, without doing any of the hard work.


    What is Twinking?

    Twinking is a term used to describe the action, of giving a young player of yours a good item that you have muled away for such an occasion.


    What is a Mule?

    A mule is a game character that's sole purpose is to hold items that you find.


    How do I join a party?

    Press 'P' on your keyboard, and click the 'Accept' button next to the character's name that invited you. Likewise to invite someone to join your party, press 'P' and click the 'Invite' button next to the character's name that you wish to invite.


    How do you start a cow game?

    Firstly, you need to have completed the game (killed baal) on normal difficulty to open or join a normal cow game (likewise for NightMare and Hell cow games). You then put Wirt's leg (from Tristram) and a tome of Town Portal into the cube and transmute. Voila, cow portal appears.


    How can you send a message to someone in a different game/room?

    The format is as follows: /w *accountname Hello mate
    Where accountname is the Account Name of the player you want to talk to, and Hello mate is where your message goes.


    What do I do to attack another player?

    Firstly you need to be at level 9 or above, then press 'P' and click the skull icon next to the player that you want to be 'Hostile' towards. note: If that player is in a party, then going hostile on them means that you are also hostile to the whole party.


    How are the skill hot keys set?

    Press 'S' to open the skills menu, hover the mouse pointer over the skill that you want to assign, and press the hotkey (F1 - F8) that you wish to access that skill.
    You can then select the skill at anytime by pressing the F key you assigned to it.


    Is there a hot key for drinking potions?

    Yes. Any item in the belt (potion or scroll) can be accessed by pressing it's corresponding key (1 - 4).


    How can I type a message and have it appear over my head?

    Open the chat window (press 'Enter'), and type a '!' before your message. When you hit 'Enter' again, the text will be displayed over your character's head.


    What does the gem button in the chat room do?

    Opinion differs here. It does nothing. However it is widely believed, that clicking it ensures that you'll find a gem shrine in the next game.


    How do I add someone to my friends list?

    You do it like this: /friends add accountname, substituting accountname for the account name of the person you want to add.

    -To list your friends, type: /friends list or /f list.

    --To message all of your friends list type : /f msg (message) or /f m (message)


    How much is [insert item name here] ?

    Check out the marketplace for a rough approximation


    Blizzard (at least it appears to be) have just asked me to save my account.... How do I do that?

    Rule number one : never, ever give your password to anyone, whatever the supposedly good reason. As far as the 1.10 patch is concerned, no account will be lost and no item (at least not hacked) will disappear when it comes out.


    How do I get a list of avalaible commands?

    Type in /help commands and then /help [the name of command you want help on] For example : /help friends to know everthing about the 'friends list' possible commands.



    Official Diablo 2 :
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    Sets :
    Class specifics :
    Rune words :


    Other good diablo 2 sites:


    Alt.Games.diablo2 links:

    Orchid's :
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    Information on Mods (Legit modified versions of diablo 2):

    Phrozen Keep :


    Some abbreviations common to Diablo 2:

    Amp - Amplify Damage (lvl 1, Necromancer Curses) increases damage taken from attackers for a while.

    AR - Attack Rating, usually referring to the bonus that a certain item gives to attack rating.

    Barb - Barbarian Character class-

    Bnet - Battlenet. Blizzard's game server on which you can play multiplayer Diablo 2.

    CD2 - Classic Diablo 2, a reference to the game before the release of the LoD expansion.

    Char - Character e.g. 'what chars do you have?' refers to what classes you have, and generally also their clvl.

    CL - Chain Lightning (clvl 18, Lightning Spells) creates a lightning bolt that jumps between multiple targets. Sometimes abbreviated to Chain.

    Closed / Closed Bnet - Refers to Realm Play and any characters that play on realm. e.g. 'I have a closed clvl 32 hammerdin' would mean you have a level 32 hammerdin that can only be player on B.Net.

    clvl - Character level, the level of a character, such as BigBarbo clvl 98

    D2 - Diablo 2

    DEX - Dexterity. Increases AR or DR of a player. Needed in order to wield some weapons, such as bows. How much DEX you have also determines how much damage you deal while using a bow.

    Dmg - Damage done by something, whether it is a characters total damage or a weapons damage. Damage is generally given in a min-max format, e.g. 50-120 would mean that whatever it is, does a minimum of 50 damage and maximum of 120.

    DR - Defense Rating, usually referring to the total defense rating of a character, or the defense rating listed on a piece of armor.

    ENE - Energy. Increases your total mana. Sometimes called 'NRG'.

    EXP / XP - Experience. You gain experience for killing monsters, and when you reach certain amounts, you will level up.

    FoH - Fist of Heavens (clvl 30, Paladin Combat Skills).

    FW - Firewall (clvl 18, Sorceress Fire Spells) long wall of highly damaging flames.

    GA - Guided Arrow (clvl 18, Amazon Bow and Crossbow skills) fires a homing arrow.

    HP - Hit Points. How many life points you have left until your character will die.

    IAS - Increased Attack Speed

    ID - Identify. Identify scrolls (or tomes) are used to identify items so you can see what their magical effects are.

    LEB - Lightning Enchanted Boss. This is a magical effect which can appear on unique or super unique monsters. When damaged, they will give off showers of electrical sparks, which can be quite deadly if you take too many of them. They also have increased resistance to lightning based damage and will do additional lightning damage when they attack you.

    LEMS - Lightning Enchanted Multiple Shots. This is a combination of LEB and Multiple Shots, and is very deadly. Multiple Shots can only appear on boss monsters which have ranged attacks. When LEB and MS appears on the same monster, upon hitting them the sparks will fly off as usual, but instead of just the regular number of sparks, there will be three times as many, doing three times as much damage. Getting hit by one group of bolts can easily be fatal for low HP classes such as the sorc or necro.

    LoD - Lord of Destruction, the expansion pack to Diablo 2.

    LoH - Laying of Hands set gloves. Widely used because of their bonus of 350% Damage to Demons and 20% IAS bonuses.

    ilvl - Item level, the quality level of an item or affix. The higher the level, the better the quality. Higher quality items/affixes can only be found and worn with higher level characters

    Meph - Mephisto, the prime evil Lord of Hatred. Act 3 boss.

    MF - Magic Find, usually specified with a percentage. This is an enhanced chance to find magical/set and unique items.

    mlvl - Monster level, the higher the monster level, the harder the monster. Your clvl needs to be within a certain range of the mlvl of the monster you are fighting in order to get full EXP for killing that monster. The monster level is also a deciding factor for treasure drops made by monsters.

    MS - Multishot (clvl 6, Amazon Bow and Crossbow skills) launches several arrows into the air at once in your chosen direction.

    Necro - Necromancer character class.

    NM - Nightmare difficulty.

    Pally / pal - Paladin character class.

    PK - Player Killer, one who kills (or attempts to kill) other players while they are questing without the other players consent.

    PvM - Player versus monster, the regular way to play the game.

    PvP - Player versus player, also called Dueling. Unlike PK and PKK, both players agree to have a fight.

    Req - Requirement. Can apply to numerous things, usually item requirements such as STR or DEX requirements, or clvl requirements for some items or skills.

    slvl - Skill level, the # of points in a certain skill. e.g. WW slvl 20 means you have 20 skill points in WhirlWind.

    SoJ - Stone of Jordan, a unique ring. A good ring (especially for magic users) in it's own right, however has been dubbed the currency of Diablo 2 (gold is worthless when trading for anything good).

    Sorc - Sorceress character class.

    STR - Strength. What a player needs in order to wear some of the heavier items, sometimes in conjunction with DEX. Also increases damage dealt by player for most weapons.

    TP - Town Portal, a spell found on a scroll (or in tomes) that creates a portal that will instantly teleport you to town.

    Valk - Valkyrie (clvl 30, Amazon Passive and Magic) summons a warrior to fight by your side.

    VIT - Vitality. Increases your total HPs and stamina with each point.

    WP - Waypoint, like save points, once activated by the character they are added to your waypoint list, which you can access by clicking on any waypoint you find. You can then choose the name of another waypoint you have activated and automatically teleport to it. You can also use them to teleport between Acts via the buttons on the top of the waypoint list.

    WW - Whirlwind (clvl 30, Combat Skills), Barbarian attack skill.

    Zon - Amazon character class.

    Burri / Burriton - Unique crossbow, the very powerful Buriza Do Kyanon.

    Cube - The Horadric Cube, a quest item found in Act 2 which can be used to create new items.

    Drops - treasure/item drops - Refers to the items dropped by slain monsters or by opening/destroying a container (such as chests and barrels).

    Dual leech - Refers to an item that leeches both life and mana.

    Frosts/Frosties - Frostburn, unique Gauntlets. Good for magic users.

    Horking - Using the Barbarian skill Find Item on corpses of slain enemies can yield items, dubbed horking.

    Muling - Since the inventory and stash spaces are very limited most players use a few characters to 'mule' their items; these characters are used as storage space only. You can mule your surplus items by creating a password protected game, dropping the items you wish to mule on the ground, and waiting at least 5 mins before exiting the game. Then you can enter the same game with another character and pick up the items you left on the ground.

    Nerfed - Typically used to describe items or skills that have been toned down by game updates (patches).

    Newbie / n00b - Someone who has recently started playing Diablo 2 and does not know much about the game

    Open / Open Bnet - Refers to anything that is not realm play. Single player and LAN games, along with open B.Net, are called open. It is possible to cheat in Open games by using 3rd party trainers and character editors.

    Runs / boss runs / blood runs / cow runs - Refers to repeated playing sessions on the same level/monster for experience gathering or magic item hunting.

    Tweaker - Sorc who will use as many 'fastest cast' items as possible to reduce casting time as much as possible.

    über - Typically a very powerful and rare item e.g. über item (über means 'over' in German).